an unmatched,
premium—fild experience

It’s no secret we all have different skin, but did you know that not all skin is created equal? FILD is uniquely built to cater to all of your skin needs and wrinkle worries!

457 Broome Street (Ground Level)
New York, NY 10013

the best of everything, all for you


Our masterfully designed studio marries comfort and lavish style to create a refreshing atmosphere. Our studio was completed with the intention of making us your preferred wrinkle-prevention environment.


Top of the line equipment means premium treatment. We've invested in the latest techonolgy to ensure we deliver the most precise results. Our experience coupled with our investment in the latest machines is what makes FILD Studio the superior choice in wrinkle prevention.

a brand backed by doctors

Meet FILD Founder, Dr. Randa

Dr. Randa Jaafar is a New York based physician with extensive knowledge in the complex methods and techniques of precision wrinkle prevention. Dr. Randa has worked for over a year developing FILD Studio with the intention of sharing with clients everything she understands about how to best avoid wrinkles. FILD Studio aims to provide a premium client experience that liberates you from daunting frown lines and the misconceptions that come with injectables treatments.

Dr. Randa's love for New York led to her openings of multiple private practice locations, including Manhattan's Financial District. The inception of FILD Studio promises to merge her experience and passions into a singular, pristine wrinkle-prevention practice.

457 Broome street
Soho, NY 10013